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Your Contacts
Phone: +49-9546-9223-40
FAX: +49-9546-9223-24
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COVID-19: Our shop, repair centre and t.kitchen in Treppendorf will probably have to remain closed until Sunday, January 31, 2021. More info can be found here.

Our drums and percussion department is gaining new customers at an incredible rate. We think it's down to an ever growing selection of exciting products, and also a highly professional team of staff.

In our 1,000m2 showroom, you'll find everything a drummer's heart desires, such as more than 50 current drum kits, all ready to play, and our 'cymbal street', with a choice of over 400 cymbals. Additionally, there are sections for percussion instruments, electronic drums, a huge selection of Orff-instruments and a wide array of accessories.

Our 15 department staff are always there to help you - they're all drummers themselves, so they can offer advice and tell you about the latest trends like only a fellow drummer can.

Of course, we're continuously expanding our palette of direct imports in the fields of drums, percussion, and hardware, offering you high quality at rock bottom prices. Needless to say, we're also continuously expanding our selection of brand name products from the leading manufacturers such as DW, Sonor, Pearl, Paiste, Latin Percussion, Zildjian and Sabian, to name but a few.

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Our?Team – Drums

  1. Amalkumar Kachappilly
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  2. Anna Lena Luka
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  3. Clemens Wolff
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  4. Dieter Heusinger
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  5. Erik Schulthei?-Schunk
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  6. Gabriele R?der-Thomann
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  7. Jonah Wiedenmann
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  8. Leon Neubauer
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  9. Moritz Fris
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  10. Peter Dellermann
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  11. Peter Wustrau
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  12. Rudolf Wolf
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  13. S?nke Kretzschmann
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  14. Torsten Langhammer
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
  15. Uwe M?schter
    Tel. (09546) 9223 40
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