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Your Contacts
Phone: +49-9546-9223-45
FAX: +49-9546-9223-443
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COVID-19: Our shop, repair centre and t.kitchen in Treppendorf will probably have to remain closed until Sunday, January 31, 2021. More info can be found here.

Back in 1983, we were the first German music dealer to open a separate department for PA systems and stage lighting. Meanwhile Europe's leading stage rental companies as well as many bands, clubs and install firms have become regular customers.

A few years ago, we built our new PA and lighting hall, and now can demo any kind of lighting equipment professionally and under realistic conditions, so we can assist our customers in planning, designing, and realising entire stage lighting setups.

Apart from all the hot brands we offer budget alternatives which we source from renowned manufacturers as direct imports. Of course, our budget products too, fulfil all safety requirements and come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and our 3-year Thomann warranty.

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Our?Team – Lighting

  1. Andreas Leubner
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  2. Andreas Purrucker
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  3. Christian Reiss
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  4. Fabian K?nig
    Tel. (09546) 9223 6245
  5. Florian Buus
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  6. Jenny Grobelny
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  7. Linus Wittstamm
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  8. Lorenz Hummel
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  9. Lukas Meter
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  10. Mario Riedel
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  11. Martin Sch?ffel
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  12. Michael Gr?f
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  13. Nico Althammer
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
  14. Udo Gerner
    Tel. (09546) 9223 45
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