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Top 5 Microphones of 2020

Top 5 Microphones of 2020

In order to put together the top 5 microphones of 2020, we asked the Thomann employees for their takes on the matter. The result is a wide range of microphones, from the inexpensive entry-level model for stage, rehearsal room and home recording to the high-tech tool that disguises itself as a live mic but incorporates classic studio technology.

Slate Digital ML-1 Matte Black

If you look at the Slate ML-1 Matte Black, you might think it’s a normal large diaphragm condenser microphone. And frankly, it is: a neutral sounding cardioid mic that comes with a shockmount and case. But it can do more: With the VMS plug-in, various high-quality microphone sounds can be modelled from the signal. Ideally, you should use the Slate VMS One Preamp, but you don’t necessarily need it. The advantage of the Slate system should be obvious, because with only one microphone, the sounds of many almost priceless classic microphones are available!

Behringer BA 85A

The Behringer BA 85A is very affordable. It is a great all-rounder. The dynamic microphone can also handle very high levels and can therefore be positioned close to percussion instruments and amplifiers. And because the BA 85A has a supercardioid characteristic, ambient noise is somewhat quieter than the signal recorded. However, the shape of the microphone and the grille, which protects you against plosive pops, make it clear that the Behringer is mainly focused to work as a handheld microphone for speech and vocals and also feels comfortable in the rehearsal room and on stage.

the t.bone MB 7 Beta

The t.bone MB 7 Beta is also attractively priced, but is clearly designed to record speaking voices. Thus, the MB 7 Beta is perfectly suited for the job of a? microphone for podcasts, broadcasts and wherever you want to use your voice for dubbing. The professional boom suspension makes it very flexible in terms of use with different stands, the reproduction characteristics are tailored to make voices sound close, rich and intelligible – without being sharp and pointed, too bassy or too susceptible to pop noises.

Rode NT-USB Mini

USB microphones are very handy! They can be connected directly to the computer without an audio interface. The Rode NT-USB Mini is also extremely compact and fits into most computer bags with ease. The cardioid microphone has a clear focus on the human voice and comes with a convenient small table stand. However, the important thing is that the recorded signal can be heard without latency. This is very practical if you want to sing along to a backing track.

Lewitt MTP 940 CM

Of course, there are tools that are extraordinarily high quality and provide a significant sonic enhancement. The Lewitt MTP 940 CM is undoubtedly one of them. Although the microphone is certainly not cheap, it has a lot up its sleeve! It looks like a standard stage vocal microphone, but it uses a one-inch condenser capsule, which is normally only found in the larger studio microphones. In addition, it can not only bring the real studio sound to the stage, but also the flexibility: It is even possible to choose between cardioid, subcardioid (wide cardioid) and supercardioid! Keeping this in mind, the price of this Lewitt is very reasonable!

There’s our Top 5 list of microphones, it wasn’t easy but we are proud of it. Are there any that you particularly like? Any that you would add? Let us know with a comment.?

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