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10 Gift Ideas from our Cyber Deals

10 Gift Ideas from our Cyber Deals

We are living through some really weird times and let’s be honest: We’ve heard that line a thousand times by now. These days have been challenging and we all know it by now! The main question is how did we cope? How did we survive hours, days, weeks and months of boredom combined with new work environments and not being able to hang out with our families like we used to? We tried something new.

Many people, that weren’t too interested in music, started playing an instrument, some started reading more and finally watering their plants and many even tried to find new ways of hanging out with their friends without being in the same room. It’s cyberweek now! We compiled a list of very good deals on gear you can use in a home environment to record demos, learn new skills or just make your days a bit sunnier!

Zoom Q2n Red

Want to record a high quality video for your loved ones? The Zoom Q2n Red gives you a very fast and easy way to create HD videos with high impact audio, without the hassle and fuss of combining video and audio on some free online video editor! It fits in your pocket and has the easiest controls imaginable: Record, stop, play and pause. It’s also equipped with an analogue-style level control, XY stereo mics, stereo 1/8” line input and it works with regular AA batteries! You’ll be able to record in 720p or 1080p in 24fps or 40fps, and the colour LCD screen makes it very easy for you to line up your shots and get the angle you want!? You’ll always be ready and equipped for those spontaneous jam sessions, that very seldom end up recorded! PS: if you feel like livestreaming your performances, the Q2n is compatible with OBS!

Hercules DJ Learning Kit

Tips and tricks? Tutorial videos? Flashing light-up guides? The Hercules DJ Learning Kit has it all. Teach yourself the ways of the DJ with this completely new learning environment! Don’t get me wrong, I bet you are a brilliant DJ. But when it comes to beatmatching, scratching, song searching and keeping the party alive, DJing is hard work. Loop roll, filter, and cook up your skills with this very impressive toolkit. But this is not just a learning kit: by buying this bundle you’re getting the tutorials, the software and… the hardware! The kit consists of a DJ Control Inpulse 200 console, a pair of HDP DJ45 headphones and 2 DJ Monitor 32 speakers – everything you need to kickstart your career. You and your party won’t regret it!

Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker

Now this one is cool. Having been in a situation where someone’s blasting their spotify-playlist through a legendary vintage Fender Bronco, I have been dying to find out, if it could be possible to make a Bluetooth speaker with the authentic look of a fender amp. Here it is! Blast your music with the power of 120 watts through a 6,8kg speaker that’s equipped with 2 tweeters and 2 woofers, 3.5 mm Jack input and stereo RCA connector for (e.g) turntables, a shape sound shape switch and is compatible with Bluetooth. Does it get any cooler than this?

Sennheiser HD-25 BLUE

Are you in need of excellent reference headphones? These Sennheiser HD-25 are used widely among music makers worldwide due to their light weight and capability to withstand robust environments and high sound pressure! These headphones are the ones you can rely on in hectic and tough situations. The sound of the headphones is very defined and characteristic, no bass boost, just the kick you need!

American Audio TTD 2400 USB

The time of the vinyl is back! Well to be frank, it’s been happening for a while now, but vinyls are indeed back on top of the list of physical formats with the most sales! The thrill of finding rare vinyls from thrift shops, or unboxing your favourite band’s new LP and setting it on the deck is a moment of pure bliss. This vinyl deck, American Audio TTD 2400 USB is a very decent turntable if you want quality sound with a lower budget!

Fun Generation Sport Buds

The Sport Buds are a great wireless set with a neck-band construction – which is a highly requested feature from people who do sports. The Sport Buds are sweatproof and waterproof (IPX4) and can last up to 6 hours (playback) or 150 hours (standby). The included microphone allows for hands-free calls, while the volume, track forwards/backwards, play/pause, on/off, answer/hang up call controls on the panel are handy and easily accessible – even while performing the hardest gym tasks. Bluetooth 5.0 allows for low latency and great connectivity. Highly recommended!

the t.bone SC 430 USB Desktop-Set

A great microphone to start your singing/podcasting/gaming career. The desktop set comes with a large?diaphragm-equipped supercardioid microphone with USB-C connection, a tripod and a mic clamp. The microphone has a great frequency range (30 – 18,000 Hz), a low noise operation and works without a driver. There’s a headphone output, with direct monitoring, built into the microphone itself, which allows for total control of the sound levels. A great all-in-one package that fits every need and works brilliantly.

Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums

The Digitech SDRUM is one of the reason that makes you appreciate being a musician living in this century: technology, here, it’s really helping the artist in a positive way. What does this pedal do? Simply put: it follows when you play. By detecting your strumming pattern or your scratching on muted strings, it generates a drum track (with many sounds to choose from), allowing you to compose and jam as if you were playing with a real drummer. It features 2 pads to manually create a rhythm pattern, space to store up to 36 songs, groove rotary knob to choose time signature and embellishments, mixer and headphone out, support for JamSync devices and much, much more.

Marshall Keyholder Marshall LE White

Simply put, an awesome gadget for a musician. The Marshall Keyholder can be mounted on a wall (all the hardware is included) and it’s the perfect gift for everyone that’s into music (and Marshalls!). The actual keyholders resemble a jack cable, which should be “plugged” in to store the keys securely. The iconic look really makes this stand out and the quality is all there – less time spent searching for missing keys, more time spent on turning your music… up to 11!

Thomann TCA 415R Cajon

A cajon is a super popular instrument for a reason: it’s easy to play, it sounds good and it fits in every situation you can think of. Whether you’re performing some songs with your friends equipped with acoustic guitars, or even if you just want to jam on some songs, this cajon delivers. The shell is made of birch, and the playing surface sports a wonderful and great sounding zebrawood. There are 4 adjustable strings to tune the overall sound of the Cajon, a floor mat and a nice gigbag are additional reasons that make this deal hard to pass up.

There you go, 10 products that are the perfect gift for a musician or music lover – and with the current discount, they are even more tempting. Which one did you like the most? Let us know with a comment!

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Simon's passion for music generated a long time ago, and led him to become a guitarist and self-produce his music with the band Onyria.

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